Clicky Links

I’ve had a migraine all day, which has left me rather uninspired (although I feel much better than I did when I posted yesterday).  So . . . here are a few things I’ve particularly enjoyed on the internet this week.

Baked S’mores

S’mores are one of my favorite things ever, but these are even better than the campfire original.  The graham cracker is replaced by a graham-cookie and the marshmallows by marshmallow creme to create a delightfully gooey dessert.  It’s pretty messy to make, partially because anything involving an entire jar of marshmallow creme is doomed to messiness, but also because getting the top crust on can be a little tricky if it’s not something you do a lot.  I made this to take to a friend’s for New Year’s Eve and again to take to a potluck last weekend.  So far everyone who’s eaten it has given it rave reviews!

“What if We Responded to Sexual Assault by Limiting Men’s Freedom Like We Limit Women’s”

Delightfully thought-provoking satire about rape culture (which sounds terrible but actually isn’t, I promise).  Amanda Taub at Wronging Rights . . . does what it says on the tin.  Don’t read the comments, though.  Seriously.  I didn’t until I shared it with someone and she mentioned the comments section.  Then I got curious, read them, and promptly wished I hadn’t.  They’ll make you sad.  They’ll make you angry.  They’ll make you concerned about the future of humanity.  But the article is really quite good.


If you or anyone you care about has ever been involved in any sort of research, this will make you laugh.  Possibly hyperventilate.  And probably feel much better about the things that go on in your own laboratory/field sites.  If the research papers I have to slog through for my classes were half this honest . . . well, I probably wouldn’t be reading them for my classes . . . but I would be so much more likely to finish my reading promptly.

Ruby Rose Handbags

My ideal purse is a clutch.  If I didn’t think I would lose them constantly, I would carry them everywhere.  (I have an unfortunate tendency to set things down and forget about them, so if I can’t actually attach it to my body, I consider a poor choice for daily use.)  Clutches don’t get cluttered because they’re too small for you to just mindlessly stuff things into them.  And they tend to look sassy, which I enjoy.  These clutches, though, are particularly awesome.  I kind of want to buy one of each.  Unfortunately, two of these bags would be my grocery and fun money combined for a month.

This is nothing like 500 words, but at least I posted something tonight.  Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better tomorrow for my first day of classes.

Read anything interesting this week?  Share a link in the comments!