Checking In

This has been the hardest and most beautiful spring of my life. I wrote and defended my thesis. I started dating an amazing woman. I had a huge fight with my best friend. I went to therapy. I finally found a dose of anti-anxiety meds that works. I graduated with my Master of Public Health. I cooked Easter dinner for 15. I still haven’t talked to my parents. I’m still a part of the church they called a “cult.” I’m still looking for a full-time job and trying to make ends meet in the meantime.

I haven’t been writing.

Partially it’s because I’ve been so busy. I spent 12-14 hours per day at school every day for several weeks at one point. Finishing a graduate degree is brutal. Partially, though, it’s because I’ve been so happy. I have an amazing girlfriend, a degree in a field I love, a church family that loves and supports me, and full-time consulting work through December. Life is good. Blogging is depressing.

But lately my fingers have been a little itchy, and I know there are things I need to get on paper. So starting next week, I’ll be back to a semi-regular posting schedule!


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