For the Princess Who Is Tired of Waiting

They took away your voice

And sat you in the window of your attic bower,

A pretty picture, perfectly framed

For whatever prince happened to ride over the hill,

Armor flashing in the sun,

White horse glowing,

Ready to come to your aid.

What are you doing, princess?

How long have you been waiting like this?

Aren’t your dreams beginning to smell a little stale?

Don’t the perfectly smooth walls of this highest, tallest room

Start to feel a bit confining?

Let me tell you a secret, princess:

No one is coming to rescue you.


Wake up, princess.

Break out of that glass coffin.

You’re not a doll to be displayed.

Kick and punch and scream until it falls into shards.

Use them to cut off your hair and weave a ladder.

Climb down from your bower and run away.

You belong in the wider world.

Bind your breasts and trade your pretty dresses for a sword.

That dragon’s not as hard to slay as he looks.

Sell your crystal shoes and use the money to make your dreams reality.

You don’t need a man to spin you gold

Or a fairy godmother to make your wishes come true.

All you need is the brain in your head

And the strength in your spine

And the willingness to get a little dirt under your nails.


Don’t worry about waiting for Prince Charming.

He’ll find you eventually,

And when he does, you’ll be ready to take him on an adventure.

Don’t let society pressure you into naïve vulnerability.

You know better than to take candied apples from strangers.

And what about the evil queen?

The wicked stepmother?

The witch that guards the bottom of your prison-tower?

Don’t worry about her, either.

She has only ever had as much power as you gave her.

Don’t let them make you the victim of this story, princess.

You were always meant to be the hero.


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