Reasons I Haven’t Been Writing

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I have some very solid IRL reasons for that . . .

  1. School started!  And I am apparently insane.  I am in four classes plus thesis, which is at least one more class than I should be in.  I am also working two jobs.  I love everything I’m taking.  I’m super excited about my thesis.  (I’m doing theory testing!  With my favorite behavioral theory ever!  It’s so exciting!!!)  I love both of my jobs, and I’m getting amazing experience.  (I ask homeless people about their sex practices and drug use habits!  I get to do storyboards and help design surveys for our new grant!  I may get to learn QDS coding!)  But sometimes, when I have slept more than 5 hours per night in a week, I stop and ask myself, “What was I thinking?”
  2. I applied for a Fulbright!  Again, very exciting but kind of crazy.  The first part of the process is determined by each school, so I wrote the initial application over the summer.  Then I turned it in the week school started.  (YOU KNOW, THE WEEK I ALSO CAME OUT TO MY PARENTS.)  Two weeks later I had an interview in which the committee grilled me about my application, asked me to justify my decisions, and told me everything that was wrong with it.  (Most hostile interview environment I have ever been in.)  After that, I got two weeks to edit my application before re-submitting.  But in the middle of that two weeks . . .
  3. My brother had a big medical scare.  And it was super scary.  He went to the emergency room with chest pain typical of a heart attack.  First they thought he had gallstones.  (???)  Then they got his labs back, and they freaked out a little.  So I ended up driving 5 hours north to stay with him in the hospital for a couple of days.  It turned out to be viral pericarditis, which is inflammation around the heart triggered by a viral infection elsewhere in the body.  (That’s the layman’s version, at least.  Bro is a second year internal medicine resident, so he explained it significantly more detail.  Later, I got on Wikipedia to figure out what he was talking about.)  He’s doing fine, but between the travel and the stress, it kind of screwed up my schedule for a while.

I’m hoping that things are going to calm down a little now.  My Fulbright is submitted, and the worst of my midterms are over.  I get Monday and Tuesday of this week off for Fall Break, and I’ve tried to balance my four day weekend with a mix of social and school stuff.  I have several partial drafts of blog posts that will hopefully get finished in the next couple of weeks, and my family is still being weird so there’s quite a bit that I wish I had time to write about.  Regardless, I really appreciate those of you who have continued to check in while I’ve been MIA!  If you want to receive regular updates, you can always follow me.  I’m pretty sure there’s a button somewhere . . .


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