His Eye is on the Sparrow

The series I mentioned in yesterday’s post isn’t coming quite yet.  It’s going to take a bit of thinking and planning on my part, and I didn’t have time for that today.

The reason I didn’t have time for that today is that I had a JOB INTERVIEW!!!  I’ve been looking for a second job for a while, and this is the third interview I’ve had.  So far, nothing has been a good fit, one way or the other, and I’m getting a little desperate.  As for today, it was the strangest interview I’ve ever had.

The interviewer asked me to tell her a little bit about myself and why I was interested in the position.  Then she told me about the project and what she was looking for in an employee.  Then she told me what I had come into the interview dreading, which is that I don’t have enough experience to be what she needs.

At this point, I was a little frustrated.  I mean, it’s always flattering to get an interview, but I had clearly stated my level of experience in my resume and cover letter.  Why had she wasted everyone’s time by calling me in?

Then she told me something I never expected to hear.  She said, “I didn’t really think you were a good fit for the position, but your cover letter was so great that I just really wanted to meet you!”

She went on to say that she thinks I would be a better fit for another open position on the same project and that she has passed on my materials to the appropriate supervisor.  Additionally, she said that if I am hired for that position, she would be happy to work with me on building some additional skills in the area of the job I originally applied for.

It’s easy to look for God’s hand in the big things.  It’s easy to see Him in the split-second avoidance of a terrible car crash or the completion of a life-long goal.  It’s easy to see God in the scholarship won, the degree earned, or the promotion gained.

But sometimes, the little things slip by us.  The moments that are just as beautifully, carefully orchestrated but not quite as life-changing go unnoticed.

I could not have arranged these opportunities myself.  Had I applied directly to the other position, I likely would not have stood out as much.  Had I been hired for the other position, I might have never had the chance to ask this woman to mentor me in her field.  Even if I end up not getting the job she’s referring me for, this means that I’m getting talked about within my department, which can only help my chances of finding a job somewhere.  And at the very least, this gives me a much-needed ego boost about my ability to present myself well to potential employers.

And with all of that in mind, I can’t help but see God’s hand in this.


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